Travel Diary: Nantucket

It's been a good summer. Dare I say, one of the best! My guy and I have been lucky enough to rack up some serious beach time and, as I write this, I am completely and happily immersed in the post-vacation glow of a week well-spent in Nantucket. We were thoroughly spoiled with endless amounts of sunshine, seafood and scenic views. ACK is not the least bit short on charm, and we soaked up every possible bit of it.

In Defense of Snail Mail



A love letter to the lost art of keeping in touch...

I was asked this week why I still waste my time sending snail mail. This, of course, struck a nerve. While it makes me sad that others don't always value the art and etiquette of keeping in touch the old-fashioned way, in this digital age I can understand that, to some, taking the time to purchase a card or writing paper, thoughtfully inscribing a note, stamping an envelope and locating a mailbox or post office can seem like hard work....

Nautical by Nature

Ahoy! The ocean waves are calling my name as I prepare for an upcoming getaway to Nantucket, and I seem to have gone a bit overboard with my love of seafaring tones, all-American stripes and anchors galore. Summertime is the perfect time to incorporate nautical-inspired style into your everyday correspondence, and today a selection of blue-hued beauties have come aboard the  Mail Models BoutiqueTake a peek!

Building Your Stationery Wardrobe


In an ideal world, there would be plenty of time to shop for the perfect greeting every time an occasion for correspondence arose. But if you're anything like the rest of us, you've probably sent a birthday card belatedly, missed an opportunity to express gratitude or posted a note on paper you weren't proud of simply because you weren't prepared.

Following are the pieces I believe should form the foundation of every stationery wardrobe, so you can keep in touch in style very time.