Studio Mates

Mail Models is proud to present Studio Mates, a celebration of the beloved pets who hold court over our studios and workspaces. From Sprinkles, the official mascot at Lydia & Pugs, to Lucy, the bullmastiff who specializes in Pillow Research at Betsywhite Stationery, it's true that behind so many great designers are loyal, loving and often mischievous dogs and cats who so adorably oversee, inspire and sometimes taste-test their work.

Click below for the full gallery of furry little workers, all pictured on the job, doing what they do best.

Special Deliveries

The sight of my name stunningly scrawled across a hand-addressed envelope, adorned with brightly colored stamps and seals, inked with date and place of origin, is a treasure that never ceases to make my heart skip a beat. I'm lucky enough to receive some of the prettiest mail around, with little works of art filling my mailbox on a daily basis, beautifully announcing their arrival and contents in a way that an email never could.

Here, I proudly share a selection of some of the loveliest letters I've received, the most special of deliveries. Click through for the full gallery of these precious works of art!

Travel Diary: Saint Tropez

Although sweet summer has officially come to a close, I'm holding tight to my favorite of memories from this year's sunny season: a glorious week spent in beautiful Saint Tropez. My guy and I succumbed completely to the spoils of the French Riviera, sipping endless bottles of rosé, consuming copious amounts of cheese, sunning ourselves against the glittering backdrop of the Mediterranean, and admiring view after awe-inspiring view of the majestic hills, vineyards and olive groves surrounding the sea. In short, la bonne vie is most certainly for me.

From the Desk of: Joanna Reynolds

For the latest installment of From the Desk Of, it is such a treat to share the gorgeous workspace of the extraordinarily talented Joanna Reynolds, founder of home textiles company, The Last Oyster, the hand-letterer behind some of my very favorite Sugar Paper designs, and owner of what may be the world's most beautiful book collection.

I've been lucky enough to learn that designers are some of the nicest people on the planet, and Joanna is no exception. Our paths crossed in the Sugar Paper booth at last year's National Stationery Show, where I was dazzled in equal parts by the the outrageously beautiful paper and the outrageously lovely Joanna. Her workspace in Silverlake, California functions as a broad creative studio, allowing her to split her time and talents between home textiles, costume design and freelance lettering design...

Little Miss Grateful



The Mail Models guide to expressing gratitude:

  • The sooner the better. I recommend keeping thank you notes on hand at all times so your gratitude can be sent within a few days of any occasion. Click through for a round-up of Mail Models favorites!
  • There's so much to be thankful for. Almost every gift or gesture is thank you-worthy, be it a birthday surprise, an invitation, words of encouragement,  or much-needed advice. Taking the time to acknowledge the things we receive is more than a matter of manners; it is a must.